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Budva: Old Town


The beautiful Budva Riviera, with its azure water, background of mountains and string of bays, coves and fine sand beaches, runs only about 18 km (13 mi) from Budva to Petrovac. Some of the settlements that punctuate the coast date back to Roman, Greek and even Phoenician times, though little archaeological evidence remains. A walk along the Riviera, either on the beaches, by the coast road or on the peaceful hillside path parallel with the old road, allows breaks or overnight stays at irresistible beaches and exploration of the inland villages and old, frescoed monasteries.



Europe’s newest country is a fabulous treasure trove of delights just waiting to be discovered. Alexandar Suites offers our guests the opportunity to explore all of Montenegro's treasures from a central location, and at the end of each glorious day, the comfort and security of a sumptuous and peaceful setting. It is very rare that such a small country can exhibit such a wide variety of landscapes and micro-climates. Montenegro may only comprise a small part of the Mediterrannean coast, but it is certainly one of the most attractive. High mountains rise above the sea and spread to the north of the country, astonishing all who visit the region with their truly wild majesty. There are also a UNESCO-listed heritage sites in Montenegro, all of which boast regular and affordable tours and day-visits.

Bay of Kotor


Located along one of Europ's most beautiful bays is Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have made Kotor a UNESCO listed “World Natural and Historical Heritage Site". Through the entire city the buildings are criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares. One of these squares contains the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Sveti Tripun), a monument of Roman culture and one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Carnivals and festivals are organized each year to give additional charm to this most beautiful city of the Montenegrin littoral. Kotor is 30 min. away from Budva.

Sveti Stefan


Just like some grounded stone boat, Sveti Stefan “anchored” in the middle part of Budvanska Riviera. A former fishermens village, mentioned in documents for the first time in 1442, since 1960 has been a world famous town-hotel with comfortable villas and luxurious apartments.


Sveti Stefan, in the 1970's, was popular among celebrities, and among its guests were Marilyn Monroe, Willy Brandt, Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, Monica Vitti, Ingemar Stenmark, Kirk Douglas, Jonathan Miller and Claudia Schiffer.


Sveti Stefan is 8 km away from Alexandar Suites.

Skadar Lake


Skadarsko Jezero (Skadar Lake, Scutari Lake) is the largest lake at Balkan Peninsula and largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. It is named after the city of Skadar (Shkodra) in northern Albania (Shkodër in Albanian, Scutari in Italian and Skadar in Serbian). Skadarsko Jezero national park covers 40.000 ha, of which 391km2 is the lake itself. Lake is located in Zeta Scadar valley and is surrounded by mountains and 7 km far from Adriatic Sea. Skadarsko Lake is 1 h away from Budva.

Monastery Ostrog

Monastery Ostrog, a miracle build by nature and human interactions, carved almost in its entirety in a vertical mountain cliff, is today the pearl of Montenegrin spiritualism that is annually visited by more then a hundred thousand pilgrims from around the world and of all religions. It is one of three most visited Christian destinations on the planet with its cave-like chapel and monastery complex that preserves the sacrilege of Saint Basil the Orthodox Saint of Miracles.It is 90 min away from Budva.

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